TradeCentre is specialized in sourcing products from all around the world and create the best value chain to satisfy every demand. We work continuously to assure the highest quality product flow, from the manufacturer straight to the customer.



Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure & Working Agreement


Letter Of Intent


Know Your Client

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Procurement Procedure

Procurement procedure in a summary

1. The buyer provides us with the requirements such as product, quantity, specifications, price etc. (Letter of Interest)
2. We validate our agent service through an agreement.
3. We also need a proof of funds, Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL).
4. We will source for the goods and reply with a quotation regarding the product, payment terms, transportation etc. along with a sellers information sheet.
5. The Seller will issue a Pro‐Forma Commercial Invoice (CI). The buyer signs CI followed by the Seller.
6. Buyer issue payment guarantee either by a Standby L/C, payment in advance (Advanced payment Guarantee), escrow account, ordinary L/C or Revolving L/C.
7. We will charge our agent fee.
8. Buyer pays when receiving “Final Commercial Invoice”.
9. Transportation is scheduled.